How did you learn photography?

Practicing really.. i did pick a few thing up in high school & a smidge in photography college
(which i failed lol) but mostly i’m self taught. Theres lots to learn in photography, endless amounts.. so i try to not overwhelm myself with all the information thats out there & just research the things i’m interested in with photography / modeling but i practice this daily, i’m either editing, researching, learning or watching documentaries on the greats of photography. Everything you want to learn is at your fingertips.. ANYTHING! and most of the time its free! take advantage of that shit cause its powerful.

How long have you been doing photography for?

Since the age of 6 i've always had a strong interest in photography- Long story short i’ve been taking photos for over a decade now. Professionally for 2 and a half years.


What inspires your art?

Theres something about real life aesthetics that i cant get enough of, sometimes its the most simple details or something that can be so dark but beautiful at the same time. i love colours and flashing lights but i also love dark punchy contrasts. I also find a lot of inspiration from the music i listen too, i listen to a lot of cinematic melodies and interludes,dark edm, tech, dnb also rock, indie and practically everything but opera! it might sound crazy to some but i get cool visuals listening to sounds.

How did you become a professional photographer?

A lot of trial and error, sacrifice, blood sweat and tears, patience and practice!
i spent days on days doing free editorial work and collaborating, editing and networking. Lots of love, passion and initiative goes into my work no matter how big or small the project is.. i always go %110 in & i feel like that got me to where i am today! you gotta love it because this industry can really pay a toll on you and knock you on your ass a million times over.. but if you really fucking love it, you will ALWAYS get back up and charge your way through! If i was just starting out and wanting to do this as a career.. i think the best advice i can give is practice daily, network as much as you can and enjoy the process! great things take time, your time will come as long as you believe in yourself and your art / or literally anything you’re trying to pursue in life.